USB Microphones For Home Studio Recording


Why should you have a home studio? If you’re a musician and you’d like to make some recordings of your music, maybe a demo, or even an album, you have a few choices. You can go into a professional recording studio, or you can do it yourself at home, or maybe have a friend do it. To me the option of recording at home is the best. You don’t have to sit around waiting for someone else to get things ready. You can record any time you want, whenever inspiration hits. You can have your home studio set up, ready to go at any time.

If you’ve tried making any recordings using your computer microphone, then you know what poor quality “telephone” or VOIP microphones have. They’re basically for talking computer to computer, via Skype or something similar. They don’t have the quality to reproduce the nuances of a vocal singing performance or guitar. Your microphone is the first link in your home studio recording chain, and you want it to be a good one. You can go out and get a decent microphone for under $100, but they how do you get it into your computer? Professional microphones use a connector called an XLR connector, and you can’t find them on your average “Sound Blaster” card. In fact none of the Creative Sound Blaster cards offer XLR inputs. You’ll need a card like the Delta 44, or a USB or Firewire Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). That means buying another piece of equipment on top of the microphone.

A pro quality USB microphone is the cheapest easiest way to go. Several microphone companies have USB versions of their standard microphones. They plug right into your computers USB port, and need no extra hardware. (Except maybe a good microphone stand). The quality is miles above your typical Logitech headset mic or internet chat type microphone. You might want to upgrade to a DAW and standard microphones in the future but it’s still good to have a USB microphone in your arsenal. I have one I use with my laptop for mobile recording all the time (mine is a Sampson C01U). I can just plug it in, and the computer automatically recognizes it as an audio interface. Then I’m ready to go. I can make professional sounding recordings for under $100. If you’re just getting started in home recording, a USB microphone will allow you to get your feet wet, and make good quality audio recordings without breaking the bank.

How to Be Prepared for a Studio Recording Session

The studio is not a place to hammer out your ideas so come to the table with a dish that is ready to be dressed seasoned and served. You should understand how to chart out your song before entering the recording studio and have charts to give to all the session players involved and notes to give the engineer for each tune.

An example of what kind of notes to give to engineer would be as follows: I want the snare to sound sonically like the one on “Billie Jean” from the Thriller Album. I’m looking for that tight in your face sound. Be specific for the engineer/producer to know what you are looking for on the overall sound of the mix.

You should also grasp the importance of playing to a click track and have the bpm’s (beats per minute) figured out for each track beforehand.

In order to be successful in the studio, you must be able to perform to a click track. This allows you to utilize the day and age of cutting and pasting in the studio. Not to mention it can save you a lot of money & heartache.

For example, let’s just say you killed the first chorus with the most magical guitar part but could not find it on the remainder of the song’s chorus sections. No worries mate, we will take the magic and spread it over the whole song fitting it in perfectly because you played to a click track. Saving you time and money with countless takes trying to capture the same mojo you had on the first take.

After you have conquered the ability to play through your song by reading a chart and playing to a click track you are now ready to venture on to find yourself a studio to capture this masterpiece. Just remember these little practical tips and you should be just fine.

I don’t care if you have Pro-Tools! I have heard demos that have come out of million-dollar studios that did not sound as good as a home studio powered by a PC. Why is this? Most likely they could not afford the engineer that knew how to work the million-dollar studio.

You are better off looking for a guy who has a reputation of making artists sound great instead of looking for a high-end studio. A good engineer/producer is able to make a decent home studio recording sound closer to an L.A. recording than an L.A. studio with a bad engineer.

Make sure you listen to other recordings the studio engineer has released. It seems simple enough but how many bands forget to do this? They get all caught up with what equipment the studio has and what it looks like when they should be more concerned with how good is the guy running the show.

Is he personable? The engineer should be knowledgeable but he should also be very personable. You don’t want to be spending 8 hours a day in a studio with a guy who is a tool to work with. Find a good balance of character. This is your baby you are investing in.

Bring your favorite albums to reference sounds with. This will help out tremendously in your communication efforts with your engineer. For example, if you love the way the drum kit sounds in U2’s Joshua tree album bring it so he can have an idea of how they are tracking the kit. He should be able to get a good idea on what kind of reverb they are using, did they use close-miking techniques and how they mixed it all from taking a quick listen to the CD that you brought in. You can use this same idea to tell him about guitars, vocals production, etc.

Studio Microphone Guide

The Right Microphone For The Studio

Not all microphones are created equal. There is a difference.

When looking to record yourself, the audio quality on the finished product can be dramatic when you use the right gear, like good solid mics in vs. those of cheaper quality. But don’t think that simply paying more will get you the sound you want. Don’t rely on the studio recorder to fix poor input quality. Know the differences between microphones and think of what you are looking for.

Also, it is highly advisable to get fewer better microphones and reuse them if you need to in different situations than to try and get as many as you can of less expensive models.

Find The Most Appropriate Studio Recording Microphone:

  1. Be aware of what you can realistically spend. Again, the mic you choose will have a great deal of impact on your overall finished product. Get the highest quality your budget will allow.
  2. Be aware of what you want to record with the mic or mics you are going to buy. Vocal recording is likely a given, but what kind? What are the characteristics of the singers’ voices or voices?
  3. What kind of studio environment will be in? A smaller one enclosed room style studio? A larger one for different musical parts like vocals?

Taking the time to learn and know about these considerations will lead to a much better overall experience during and after the time you put in to properly produce what you work so hard to create.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are the most frequent types of mics you will discover inside companies. They have a much better rate of recurrence reply and also temporary result * which is the capacity to reproduce the actual speed of the musical instrument or even voice. Additionally, they are apt to have any more noticeable output, however, there is a lot more understanding of loud looks.

Condenser microphones are generally far more pricey than vibrant mics, however, bear in mind, a lot of inexpensive condensers occur. However, many of these mics tend to be originating from a pair of production facilities throughout Cina, and all sorts of seem the same very brittle and with little low end. They might require using a power, usually Forty-eight voltage phantom power, that is certainly provided effortlessly simply by the majority of combining boards or even outside strength supplies ( locate a switch that claims P 48 or perhaps 48V for the route remove or even around the back again with the mixing machine.)

Condenser microphones are likely to be employed merely in studios for their sensitivity to being able to deafen looks as they’re a great deal far more delicate compared to their particular dynamic competitors. That said, you’ll find these on stage in live song locations to use while drumming overheads or use in orchestral or choral audio strengthening.

Together with condenser microphones, you will discover a pair of different types:

Inside a studio room, a situation the most standard top quality microphones are the Neumann Oughout Eighty-seven which is likely the best-known and quite a few traditionally used facilities microphone stands.

It really is furnished with a substantial dual-diaphragm capsule with Three online habits :

These are selectable having a change beneath the headgrille. A 10 dB attenuation swap, found on the backed, permits the particular microphone to take care of sound strain ranges around Over 100 dB without frame distortions. Moreover, the low consistency reaction could be diminished to compensate for closeness influence. One more very well-liked recording studio microphone because of its versatility may be the AKG 414. It includes a solid metal real estate and transformer-less result point along with 3 switchable largemouth bass cut filters and three pre-attenuation patches.

It has substantial sensitivity and intensely low self noises using A few switchable roman policier styles for placement and also requests versatility. Using a flexible capsule headgear significantly reduces structurally-transmitted noise through framework vibration. Better cost-effective and not low-cost could be the exceptional Neumann TLM103 which George Shilling examined to the site. Furthermore just like the Neumann KM184 with regard to post. Even though the previously mentioned microphones can be pricey you need to remember that an excellent microphone, any time utilized effectively, may develop results far better than an affordable one particular.